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Chime Light is inspired by the cow bell. Its iconic design is universal across cultures and landscapes, which also has not changed much regardless of its millennia-long history. The sight of the chime triggers reminiscence of its ringing sound – the sound through the ups and downs and greenery of the lawns, permeating the hills and valleys with crispy smells of grass. 

The lamp is designed to illuminate contemporary habitat with an ambiance of nature, the nature we much long for in this era of new normal where many are grounded at home.

I wander in the field,

I hear a distant sound:

murmur from afar,

lifted up by wind and drifts through the sky.


I lie down on the ground,

I smell the gentle breeze:

scent of the oceans,

mixed up with mist and perfumes my skin.


I look up to the sky,

I see the shining stars:

travelled a thousand years

to meet my sleepy eyes.


I wonder how it is

to have you by my side:

lit up in the dark

to guide my dreamy nights.


chime pendant_01_s.jpg


chime table lamp_01_s.jpg
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