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Chime Light is inspired by the cow bell. Its iconic design is universal across cultures and landscapes, which also has not changed much regardless of its millennia-long history. The sight of the chime triggers reminiscence of its ringing sound – the sound through the ups and downs and greenery of the lawns, permeating the hills and valleys with crispy smells of grass. 


The lamp is designed to illuminate contemporary habitat with an ambiance of nature, the nature we much long for in this era of new normal where many are grounded at home.


Chime Table Lamp

SKU: A520-10

    • W150 x D100 x H290 mm 


    • Lamp Shade : white Porcelain, transparent matte glaze inside 
    • Accessaries : leather handle with brass detail, gold colour texture cord, dimmer 
    • Light bulb : E27 screw head, 4.5w, dimmable LED light bulb


    • Every single item is handmade by local artisan and unique on its own, therefore the actual product may slightly vary from one to the other.
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