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To explore new ways of seeing ceramics, and to bridge the gap between sculpture and utilitarian object.

Each piece of work creates dialogue between traditional craft and

modern technology without losing the human touch in the creative process.


Transformed from transient materiality

into timeless aesthetic, durable utility,

these ceramic objects embody paper qualities –

lightweight, with tangible touch,

each unique with its own imperfectness.


The Paper Series comprises

series of experiments,

in-depth and extensive,

to push boundaries in ceramic practice:

form, usage, and techniques.

Folding new shapes.

Unfolding new visions.

mesh small bowl.jpg

From pleated paper born the refined porcelain.

Technical precisions morphed into forms of simplicity.

chime table lamp_01s_R1.jpg

Inspired by the cow bell, the sight of the chime triggers reminiscence of its ringing sound.

slant vases_s.jpg

Leaning in equilibrium of asymmetry,

nature blooms on grounds of modernity.

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