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KWAN-T x Hope Aroma

KWAN-T x Hope Aroma

"Friendship is the candle that lights up your heart whenever it is dark outside."

This project is about an aromatic journey of two childhood friends. One is Kwan Tam, ceramist; and the other is Mabel Chan, aromatherapist. They both immensely passionate about artisan crafts and always recognize the common ground of each other's practice. The idea of fusing ceramics with scents came naturally this year when both of them saw the need of bring joy to our lives during the pandemic. 


They decided to create two ceramic fragrance candles that could convey the scents of nature into one's home. The first one is Forest Upon Sunrise, with which we could imagine wandering into the forest during daybreak, with birds chirring on tree branches and morning dew clinging on bristle grass. A delightful morning walk that could refresh both our body and mind.

While the first one is rather neutral, the second one is more mellow and sweet named Blossom Meadow. The mix of floral scents could be easily acquainted with wildflowers in the field where we had our summer break; a light lunch in the garden with breezy air under blue sky. All those happy memories that we had with our loved ones.

fragrance samples

They sourced the pure fragrance ingredients from the Grasse region in France and the soy candle wax from The United States to ensure the quality of the product. All the test samples were then made in the studio in Hong Kong in order to find the best formulas that resonate with our concept. 

candle making_01.jpeg

To make the project sustainable, they decided to use a by-product of the Chime Lights as the candle container. The container was used to hold up the lamp shade upside down during the firing for the purpose of avoiding any deformation under high temperature. With its mission completed, they would like to give this object a second life and transformer it into an aromatic conveyor.

candle container.jpeg
candle making_02.jpeg
candle making_03.jpeg

These two fragrance candles with limited quantity are now available for purchase. Please visit the store for details.

candle at home.jpeg
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