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To Live and To Create

Going to Iceland this summer is probably the best decision and the best gift I had given to myself this year. How much I love this place? Very much. But don’t get me wrong, I didn’t go to see the spectacular waterfalls, nor bathing in Blue Lagoon. I spent my time in the art centre in a little place up north called Bær, living and creating artwork with beautiful people.

There was nothing special, but every moment was special. I remember I was happy and always laughing. There was full of anticipation everyday I woke up. To be there, in the nature, I found myself had the clearest mind. It woke up all my senses.

The nature taught me to be humble and to be a good observant. To see the change of light, to appreciate the little flowers growing on the cliffs; to be a good listener, listen to the waves, and to the wind; to breath, to smell the freshness of grass, and the salty seawater; to taste and enjoy the food: wild fish, berries, and lamb that is the best I have ever tasted; to touch, and to be touched by all the people that I met and the stories they told.

There was a lot of rain, but for the same reason, there were also a lot of rainbows. I made all kind of silly wishes when we drove by one after another during a day trip. It was amazing. We were laughing like a kid.

And then I created this piece of work called “Varða”, that I have never felt so satisfied. It made me realized what an honest artwork meant to be, and what I meant to do in my life. To live and to create, this is my dream.

I wanted to write it down to make sure that I can remember it all, even though I do remember it and I will remember it all. And of course, Kristín, my dearest funny and kind-hearted teacher, me too, I will remember you for the rest of my life.


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